Join Us!

Through the entry door and into the inner chambers of this website,  you are free to explore our treasured archives of ancient wisdom teachings, ceremonies, sacred songs and dances of the ancient feminine.  There are chambers for sharing our dreams and visions, chambers for open and deep communication in “real time”  between the distance.  The most valued treasure of all are our sisters and their unique and personal journey and the gifts they share!  So come inside and take your special place.  We have been expecting you and can’t wait to welcome you home.  We’ll leave the lights on!


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Your Community Circle

We are a voluntary international organization of small community circles. There are no regular dues or fees. Small donations are requested at times in order to support the necessary operational expenses of the International Circle (such as this website).

 What we do ask of you is your commitment to gather with other women of like heart and mind on a regular basis in your own local community. These local circles are the heart and life force of the Sisterhood,  where we come together in mutual respect and love to learn from each other, to grow, to heal, to nourish, to support and to soar!  Your community circle is the crucible, the alchemical fire that burns the dredge of all that we are not, so that we shine in the truth of all that we are!

Some of you may already be part of a circle of women, or may already have a few women that would like to be part of a local circle.  Those of you who do not, there are no worries! You can join one of our community circles in your area, or we will help you to create one!  Each local circle is interdependent within the International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood, which combines Divine Feminine teachings, sacred songs and ceremonies into One Central Source which is shared with every circle for the benefit of all!


Where to Start?

There are just a few easy steps to take in being part of our Sisterhood that we feel works best for all!

You are welcome to join the International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood in one of two ways.  You can ask to join an existing circle (if there is a local circle in your area), or you can create a new circle with a minimum of five women.  The first step in the process is attending a  workshop with our founder, Cynthia Flores-Signet, in your own community.   This is intended to introduce concepts and wisdom of the ancient feminine and allows for the opportunity to personally meet with Cynthia, who represents the International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood. This time together is so important to connect heart to heart, and for Cynthia to answer any questions and offer her assistance in creating a new circle in your area.  Want to know more?  Email us at

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