What We Do


Rites of Passage & Repair Rituals

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There is a deep sense of longing and loss when life is lived without guidance, acknowledgement  and celebration for the events and experiences that mark the stages of our life.  Rites of Passage ceremonies honor and fortify the strength of our spirit and are “honey to the heart.”   

Repair rituals uplift our soul and provide a safe and loving space to bring what is broken, to find rest from the scars of life’s battles, to express unfathomable pain and sorrow. These ceremonies are transformational in effect and our Sisterhood makes them an integral part of our daily life.  From birth to transitioning in death, from maiden to mother to crone, we honor, love and acknowledge each other through life.  Many of our ceremonies have been passed through oral tradition and are indigenous in origin, from wisdom keepers of the 21613_498805090300016_2876311940509738739_nearth’s ancient cultures.  Others are inspired by our own knowing and gifts, and all are always from the heart!  We share them with each other, and in service to our family, friends and local  communities.

Archives of Ancient Feminine Traditions and Knowledge

A large part of our vision and purpose is to retrieve, preserve and integrate the teachings, traditions, songs and dances of the ancient Divine Feminine from all parts of the planet.  Fragments of these teachings and practices have been held and passed through oral tradition, through songs and chants, through sacred dance, and through the world’s ancient mystery school traditions.  Each lineage, each culture holds their unique piece of the ancient feminine.   There are elders, crones  keepers of their respective lineage alive today who are guardians of the old wisdom and ways.  They lovingly share their stories, their ceremonies, their sacred songs and knowledge with us and for  future generations to come.





Solar & Lunar Ceremonies

Each community circle gathers in celebration and ceremony for the equinoxes, solstices and lunar cycles, connecting across the distance as one heart and spirit! These four great annual solar festivals and lunar phases are times of power when direct communication is made with the cosmos, and a time of sharing songs and prayers, and receiving blessings for the planet and all humanity.  Many of our celebrations are open to our local communities.  It is a meaningful and joyful gathering of men and women, children and grandparents creating altars, honoring the directions, the elements and nature, and becoming active participants in creation’s song!  It is a time of making all things beautiful!

Biennial International Gatherings

Once every other year we hold a grand reunion and great heart-to-heart celebration as all of the community circles meet at our Gathering of the International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood. These transformational events take place at different locations throughout the planet at a sacred earth space  and a vortex energy point in nature and/or a sacred temple site where the Goddess was celebrated and mystery schools of the Divine Feminine wisdom once flourished. We gather together in love and participate in initiations, activations and ceremonies in service to humanity and the planet; we reconnect in strength and purpose; we discuss and implement new agreements towards the collective vision of our Sisterhood and we elect new coordinators and elder council members.