We are here. We are waking up now, out of the past, to dream a bigger dream.  We are friends and equals, we are diverse and unique, and we’re united for something bigger than our differences.  We believe in freedom and cooperation, abundance and harmony.  We find our own guidance, and we discern our own truth.  We go in many directions, and yet we refuse to disperse.  We have many names, we speak many languages.  We are local, we are global.  … we are the wave of evolution.  We are messengers from the future, living in the present.  We come from silence, and we speak our truth.  We have no enemies, no boundaries can hold us.  We act out of inspiration, love and integrity.  We explore, we discover, we feel and we laugh.  We are building a world that works for everyone.  We endeavor to live our lives to their fullest potential.  We are independent, self-sufficient and responsible.  We relate to each other in peace, with compassion and respect, we unite in community.  We celebrate the wholeness within and around us all.  We dance to the rhythm of creation.  We weave the threads of the new times.  –  F. Funch



We are mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  We are healers, herbalists, psychologists, lawyers, doctors, energy workers, teachers, horse-whisperers, authors, yoginis, dancers, poets and oracles – spanning a plethora of ancient earth traditions and modern day professions.  Each of us have been intuitively called to take our place in this Circle… called by the sacred women of all epochs of time, called by the women of our own ancestral lineage, and called by the Divine Mother herself, to return to the Circle and remember the ways of the sacred feminine through the Ancient Sisterhood.



In Ancient Times …

… we were intimate with the cycles of the season and the rhythms of our own bodies. Our intuition was open and our connection with the earth and the elements was strong.  As we gather and re-member together again, we understand the importance of taking time to be with other women in a sacred way…to dream, to create, to pass on knowledge, to lend support, and  to make all things beautiful! To stand in the direct presence of the feminine face of God and embrace the deepest, most powerful aspects of ourselves is to bathe in the pool of pure potential and embrace all that we are as a daughter of the Sacred Feminine.

And Now …

The Sisterhood is our deeply rooted connection to all things sacred.  The circle calls us home again. Some of us are fierce rebellious warriors, some of us are gentle peacemakers, some of us are playful sprites and others are cantankerous and wise old crones!  It is in our diversity that we see the many hidden facets of the Divine Feminine within ourselves. It is in the depth of our sister’s soul that we  see the reflection of our own truth, strength and beauty!

Introductions …

It is an ancient knowing that has led us to find each other again, and as each sister returns to take her place within the circle, it is a beautiful celebration and homecoming!   Within the interior pages of this website are all of our unique stories of how we got from there to here. Here are just a few photo glimpses of our circle meetings, gatherings and ceremonies in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and the United States.  These are just some of the many sisters that we would like to introduce you to.  But the rest of us are waiting inside these pages, to share our stories, to share our talents and our gifts, and to share our hearts with you!  So,join our ever-growing International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood, and come on in!