We are the ancient ones returning…keepers of the violet flame…midwives in the birthing of a new world!

“We have many names, we speak many languages. We are local, we are global. We are friends and equals, we are diverse and unique… we act out of inspiration, love and integrity.”
– F. Funch








“The Sisterhood exists. It has always existed since the beginning of time, and the old ways have endured through each great epoch and earth cycle. Pieces of ritual and knowledge clandestinely guarded and passed on through lineage, hidden but not lost. These ways and remembrances of the Sacred Feminine are now awakening within the cellular memory of our collective ancestral roots. The return of the ancient sisterhood is a woman’s return to her own internal power, beauty and inner knowing. It is the cure for our own soul sickness and the potion needed to heal the earth and lay the foundation for a new era of light for our children and our children’s children.”

Cynthia Flores-Signet, Founder

Song, Dance & Ritual

Through story, song, dance, and ritual, we weave and mend the wholeness of our own feminine nature and reestablish the bond that eons ago united us in strength and purpose.  These ceremonies and traditions are “older than time”, passed down from generation to generation, connecting us with our feminine soul essence.  They are the language through which we communicate directly with Spirit and open to our intuition and innate connection with the natural and unseen world. 

Ancestral Wisdom

We hear the voices of our ancestors, the sacred temple priestesses, the medicine women, the wisdom keepers.  Our sisters are gathering from ancient lineages, cultures and earth-honoring traditions to reawaken the collective memory of an energy that has been dormant on this planet for over two thousand years!  We are called to re-member and embrace the power of the energy that we each hold within the support of the Sisterhood. We honor our knowing and use our unique gifts and healing abilities to bring restorative balance to ourselves and the earth. 


Celebrating Our Connection!

“I came into this sisterhood knowing that this is where I belong!  Each one of my sisters is known to me in a way that only lifetimes of familiarity can explain.  We know that we have found each other after having agreed to do so a very long time ago.  This lifetime is the celebration of our whole time here in human consciousness so far, there is so much joy in our coming together again!” (M.B.)

“The sisters in my local circle are indescribably close. We are one. It goes beyond love, it’s mythic! I give strength.  I get strength.”  (E.S.)